Floating-Point Article Win January Prize

My floating-point article won the best article prize for the articles posted in month of January 2020. The prize is a priceless CodeProject mug(above picture) which is just delivered to my house. The impetus to writing this article started with a rule enshrined in the company wiki that “all multiplications must be converted to divisions because division is more accurate”, to paraphrase the software architect. This was not the only floating-point misconception I encountered over the years. In order to prepare myself to write this article, I read many resources. One book published in 2000, stated floating-point multiplication is faster than integer multiplication, is no longer true as integer multiplication performance has caught up and this has to be taken out of the article. Prior to my article, there are existing floating-point articles on CodeProject but they all suffered the same problem of assuming the reader to know substantial amount of floating-point format details without explaining the fundamental. Least to say, not many readers understand their articles. I know you are dying to read my prize-winning article now, here it is:

Succinct Guide to Floating Point Format For C++ and C# Programmers.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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